Having provided the IMMERSUN to homeowners for many years, we are thrilled to introduce you to our new website showcasing our range of energy-saving devices. Here you will be able to find all information regarding the IMMERSUN along with innovative add-ons; all of which have been designed to help users to save money, reduce energy bills and protect the environment.


The IMMERSUN is a leader in the world of energy-save devices, designed to help homeowners to make the most out of the power they produce through their microgeneration systems. Compatible with all technologies including solar PV, wind turbines and hydro systems, the IMMERSUN focuses on reducing users reliance on the grid.

By definition, the IMMERSUN is an automatic power controller, which diverts surplus power into a designated load – most commonly, to heat water. The device monitors the power imported from and exported to the grid, along with the amount of energy generated through renewable sources, such as your solar panels. If there is any excess energy left over which has not been used throughout the day, instead of exporting it back, the IMMERSUN will save this valuable energy. For most households, this power is then used to supply the property with hot water.

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What Are The Benefits Of The IMMERSUN?

One of the most significant benefits of installing the IMMERSUN is its ability to dramatically reduce energy bills. It is thought that it costs approximately 15.0p per unit to heat your hot water supply – imagine if you didn’t have to pay anything towards this amenity? Through installing the IMMERSUN, you can completely mitigate this cost. As you will now be using only your excesses renewable energy, hot water will be free! Power will be stored and transformed into hot water which is ready to use whenever you need it, which is particularly beneficial during peak hours. This totals to an annual saving of up to £250!

Another sought-after feature of the IMMERSUN is that it enables homeowners to take full advantage of the renewable energy generated, meaning that there will no longer be sole reliance on the grid. To put this into perspective, in an average home, almost 80% of surplus energy is exported back to the grid. Energy that could be better utilised in other areas of your home. With the IMMERSUN, you will now be using 100% of your generated energy, making your home more energy-efficient and lowering your carbon footprint.

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The IMMERSUN is super easy to install and can be completed in as little as one hour. As the device is mains powered, it should be installed close to a distribution board. We have opted for the mains powered route as, in the past, it has been recognised that battery-powered alternatives do not produce accurate data. It was vitally important we ensured that the IMMERSUN could continuously communicate with the wireless sensor, allowing users to receive ‘up to the second’ data.

To ensure that your device remains fully-functioning and safe, we recommend enlisting the help of a suitably qualified professional, such as an electrician. We have put together a comprehensive guide on the installation process, which can be found on the following link.

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