With the first look at the fourth instalment of the Matrix franchise, “The Matrix Resurrections”, see’s Keanu Reaves reprise his role as Neo, “The One”.  An interactive website has launched as a teaser for the new film, where you can choose between choosing the red or blue pill, a staple moment in the first film, where Neo is given the opportunity by Morpheus (Laurance Fishburne) whether to break free from the false reality of the Matrix and descend the rabbit hole, as Alice once did, or whether to accept the world around him as reality.

It’s a fun interactive mini-game which I’ll link here below for you to try for yourselves.

CHOOSE YOUR REALITY (whatisthematrix.com)

The whole purpose of the Matrix, why it was built, is to imprison humanity in a false reality, a simulation. At the same time, the AI of the current world harvests humans, the neural synaptic transmissions of the human brain, and harvest this electrical energy and processing them into batteries.  Before this, the AI of the world used Solar power as their primary source of fuel to sustain themselves.  However, the human race polluted the skies to blot the sun, stealing this almost infinite resource away from them.

Also, in the news this week, there were ground-breaking new advancements in solar cell technology, where Swiss scientists have managed to come up with a new CIGS solar cell, with a 21.4% efficiency score, a world record in solar PV’s.  This was confirmed by the German Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (Fraunhofer ISE) and is the very first flexible copper, indium gallium, and selenium (CIGS) solar cell on polyimide plastic film.

The solar cell itself was created through the low-temperature co-evaporation method for the CIGS semiconductor film.  The great thing about this cell specifically is that it is flexible, making it much more viable and suitable for applications upon rooftops, the facades of buildings, greenhouses, transport vehicles, airships, and even portable electronic devices.  With this increase in performance, the cell is also believed to have a stable shelf life of several months, increasing its usefulness and capacity to collect and transform solar radiation collected from the sun into green carbon-free electricity.

If I had a choice between human batteries or solar CIGS cells, I would pick solar cells every time, and do you know what pairs beautifully with your solar PV panels?  An IMMERSUN device.  An IMMERSUN device allows you to redirect your created green electricity and use it to heat your home, your boiler free of charge.  It’s your electricity; after all, why should you send it all right back to the grid when you can reap the rewards of your smart choice in 21st-century living.

Be seeing you in the theatres when The Matrix Resurrections releases.  Invest in solar PV’s, not human batteries!!

Read the full article here.

Swiss scientists achieve 21.4% efficiency for flexible CIGS solar cell – PV magazine International (pv-magazine.com)