Recently, there’s been fears of a gas shortage in the UK after a fire on a national grid site in Sellindge, Kent, cutting off the main connection between the UK and Europe to import gas. This shortage has lead to drastically increasing costs, and with winter coming closer, people are worried about the cost and even the ability to heat their homes. 




One of the ways the government is trying to work around this is by pushing people to use alternative heating sources such as heat pumps and immersion heaters to heat their water and homes. People using renewable energies have an excellent opportunity to exploit their energy production to heat their own homes through heat pumps and immersion heaters. 

However, for many people trying to use these new heating technologies, there are complications with high and low energy generation at times. To get around this, people can set timers or use a regulator such as an IMMERSUN to send power to these devices when they’re making excess power. Take control of your renewable energy and stop overpaying for your gas and electricity.