Immersion heaters, otherwise known as megaflow boilers are systems to heat water with your power. There are reasons to have them and reasons to not, all they need to work is power, and hence they’re a popular backup option for heating and hot water. A lot of buildings also use them due to not having a gas supply making it the only option for water and heating. However, lots of people are against using immersion heaters due to their higher electricity costs and just by being different to a conventional gas boiler, this is why here I want to go over the pros and cons of using an immersion heater and how to maximise their usage.

Pros of an immersion heater:

  • Easy to regulate with a thermostat or turn on and off via a switch
  • Use excess electricity from personal microgeneration like solar, wind or hydro
  • If it’s set up right it can keep water hot for hours after turning off
  • Using cheaper electricity at night with a timer with your immersion heater can save you money on heating
  • Easy to turn on and off as using a switch

Cons of an immersion heater:

  • Heating with electricity without using other things (Economy 7, microgeneration) can often cost more than heating water with gas, on average 50p an hour to run
  • Needs to be run for a few hours before the water is hot enough
  • For safety, you need to heat your water to 50 degrees to kill bacteria

From this, the main pros of an immersion heater are that they allow you to keep down your heatings costs if you use alternatives for electricity generation or using cheaper electricity via the Economy 7 tariff.

One of the ways I had mentioned for using an immersion heater is to use it with microgeneration to make the electricity for it cost much less. One of the ways you can do this is by diverting excess power from your microgeneration to your immersion heater to keep your water hot while utilising all your electricity products like the IMMERSUN will allow you to do this with the ability to view what energy is being put into your heater, using solar power and Economy 7 tariffs can help you to bring down your heating costs dramatically and decrease your environmental footprint both at the same time, especially with the invention of more efficient solar PV’s has made having solar power and doing something with the excess even more important as ever.