IMMERSUN has saved all of its homeowners a total of £74.2 Million and reduced global CO2 Emissions by 140,000 Tonnes.


Why are you still paying for hot water?

Save and invest for your future. IMMERSUN makes it easy. Turn daylight into free hot water by using 100% of your generated solar energy!

UK’s bestselling Solar Power Diverter. Take control of your energy!

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Turn the heat down on your energy bills.

Working from home means you’ll use more heating and lighting, and that could add an extra £111 to your energy bills.

We help you do your bit for the planet with your energy, make the most of your 100% renewable electricity. All very simple to manage with support if you need it from our UK-based team.


Watch your energy bills drop with this duo.

Why are you still paying for hot water?

Save and invest for your future. IMMERSUN makes it easy. Turn daylight into free hot water by using 100% of your generated energy.

Go Smart! With your savings.

Remotely control & monitor your IMMERSUN from anywhere in the world. Using our APP, you can set timers, use the remote boost function and view all your savings.

Made for homes of all shapes and sizes.


No messy wiring.
No disruptions.


We’ve made the IMMERSUN very easy to install to allow you to start using all your renewable energy as quickly as possible. It’s our way of helping you do your bit for the planet.

We are comfort experts, providing all the warmth you need. UK’s best-selling solar power diverter. Take control of your energy!

Make your home warmer & greener.

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Friendly Support and Advice.

We work in association with YouGen and the National Energy Foundation (NEF). Both organisations are at the forefront of research and innovation in understanding energy use and helping householders save energy and money. We’ve learnt a thing or two along the way and we’re excited to do things a bit differently.


Don’t just take our word for it.

“This is a fantastic piece of kit. The electrician who fitted mine was very impressed with the build quality, documentation, ease of installation and setup. It was up and running in no time. The first full day of running saw it divert 5.6kWh into my hot water tank and the total recovery for the first week has been 20kWh (and I have a battery system so I’m already utilising most of the PV anyway).”

Rock-solid product — G. Hex

“If you have an east-facing solar array (like mine) then this device is a godsend. All that otherwise excess solar power generated early in the morning now converts into a tank full of hot water. In my case, I spend a lot of time in the same room as the IMMERSUN and the fan noise is a reassuring reminder of the bucketloads of solar power I’m generating!”

Love this product — Tim R.

“Only one word to describe it really – brilliant. Last year we tried to put immersion heaters on when the sun shone ourselves. This worked to a certain extent but to have them being heated at a lower wattage up to thermostat point throughout the day is so cost-effective and hassle-free. The app is easy to understand and knowing we are being paid to heat our water and whilst also saving on electric/oil costs gives you a great feeling.”

Brilliant — Mrs T.