IMMERSUN has saved all of its homeowners a total of £74.2 Million and reduced global CO2 Emissions by 140,000 Tonnes.
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Product FAQs

What technology does the IMMERSUN use to control the diverted power?

TruSINE™ PWM is the power control technology implemented by the IMMERSUN. This was developed as our proprietary control method. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) ensures that the power going to the load is a non-distorted true sine wave, with only the voltage altered. This means the voltage is very smoothly adjusted to alter the power to the heater.

This control technology is unique to the IMMERSUN device and means that it is much more sophisticated than any similar products on the market.

Why do we use truSINE technology?

TruSINE technology ensures that the power from the IMMERSUN is the same quality as that of the electricity that enters your property from the grid. This technology is the reason the IMMERSUN meets all CE product approval guidelines.

Careful consideration was given to this decision as choosing a cheaper control method, such as phase angle, to save money on the unit’s initial cost, would have been false economy as problems could arise after installation.

Why should I not install a device that uses phase angle as its control system?

Phase angle devices dealing with large loads (up to 3kW) causes unwanted harmonic currents to be injected into the power system. These can generate electrical and radio interference, overheating and damage to inverters and other electrical devices and equipment.

Utilising PWM as its control method ensures the IMMERSUN is the only device in its class that meets the legal requirements to comply with the limits for harmonic current emissions and other essential EMC standards.

What if I have a combi boiler and no hot water tank?

You can still use an IMMERSUN if you have an electric Microgen system and the following:

  • Electric storage heaters (the IMMERSUN is compatible with Economy 7 & 10)
  • Underfloor heating
  • Space saving electric heaters
  • Any other electrical resistive load up to 3kw with a mechanical thermostat

Does my immersion heater need the full 3kW of power before it starts heating the water?

No – The IMMERSUN and, in turn, the immersion (or another resistive load) are inherently able to deal with variable power. This can fluctuate between 100W and 3kW depending on the power generated by the PV system and the power usage in the property.

What is the maximum amount of power the IMMERSUN can utilise?

The size of the PV system is not essential.

Each IMMERSUN can utilise a maximum heater load of 3.2kW and cannot be connected to a more significant heater load greater than this (ie immersion).

What if I want to utilise more than 3kW?

The IMMERSUN has a built-in ‘wireless interface ‘ which means you can link up to 5 IMMERSUN units wirelessly. This means that up to 15kW of power can be utilised when a 3kW load is connected to each IMMERSUN.

What other advantages does the iLINK give the IMMERSUN?

The iLINK is our web-based monitoring system, also accessible via mobile device Apps. Using the iLINK, you can set timers, use the remote boost function and view all your savings.

How many heaters can the IMMERSUN control?

The IMMERSUN can control up to 3 heaters sequentially. It has two dedicated heating outputs, and a third load can be connected to the integral multi-function relay.

Does the immersion heater need to replaced?

No – As long as the immersion heater is in good working order, this does not need to be replaced. It may be prudent to get this tested whilst having the IMMERSUN installed.

Can I still use my immersion heater after the IMMERSUN has been installed?

Yes – The IMMERSUN has a built-in seven-day programmable boost timer function, as well as a manual boost option. This ensures your immersion will never draw power from the grid unless you set a boost function.

Does the IMMERSUN offer built-in protection?

The IMMERSUN is the only such device that has internal electronic circuitry protection, this ensures the following:

  • Fully short circuit protected in case of load fault
  • Overload/thermal damage protection
  • Soft starting to avoid power surges and extend heater life
  • Surge protection

What is the integral multi-function relay?

The mutli-function relay can be used for many different purposes and can be programmed so that each installation can be configured with other items of electrical equipment when necessary. This would typically be to control pumps such as de-stratification pump, control the boiler and switch appliances. When installing the IMMERSUN with additional equipment, using the relay for these purposes allows for an easier and more versatile installation. For full details please see IMMERSUN installation manual.

Is the IMMERSUN compatible with Smart meters/third party monitoring devices?

The IMMERSUN utilises cutting-edge technology, this makes it future proof and ensures it is compatible with all Smart meters and third-party monitoring devices. TruSINE technology guarantees trouble-free operation with all inverters and compatibility with all import/export energy monitors.

How long does the IMMERSUN take to install?

The IMMERSUN needs to be installed by a suitably qualified person, normally an electrician. If you do the work yourself you may wish to arrange for a qualified electrician to check it for you.

The IMMERSUN can be installed in as little as an hour. The actual time taken will depend on individual circumstances.

Where is the IMMERSUN installed?

The IMMERSUN is normally installed close to the distribution board, however it can be installed adjacent to the load if required.

If the IMMERSUN is to be positioned some distance from the distribution board, then you can either;

  • Extend the length of the the cable on the CT sensor to approximately 50m using standard ‘category 5′ cable
  • You can install a WIRELESS SENSOR in conjunction with the CT sensor. The range of this device is approximately 30m dependent on individual circumstances

Is the WIRELESS SENSOR mains or battery-powered?

The WIRELESS SENSOR is mains powered, which means the IMMERSUN is more accurate than devices that use battery powered sensors. Also you will never need to change a battery- simply fit and forget!

Why is a mains WIRELESS SENSOR more accurate that a battery powered one?

Battery powered sensors communicate with their respective controller every 10 seconds or so. This means the information is delayed and can result in ‘old’ data being received. The reason for this delay is to conserve battery power, but in turn this can reduce the system’s overall efficiency.

Over time this erroneous information can mean lost opportunities to divert surplus power to the immersion heater and can on occasions mean the immersion heater draws power from the grid. The IMMERSUN communicates with the mains WIRELESS SENSOR every second resulting in ‘up to the second’ data being received.

Can the IMMERSUN be installed with a 3-phase system?

Yes – An IMMERSUN can be used on each phase, but must be on the same phase as the CT sensor.

  • If you have a single phase inverter installed on one of the phases, then a single IMMERSUN unit connected to that phase can utilise up to 3.2kW of surplus power
  • If you have a 3-phase inverter, the total generation will be split into thirds, one 1/3rd on each phase. So with a single IMMERSUN on each phase, up to 3.2kW of surplus power can be utilised per phase”
  • Up to 5 IMMERSUN devices can be installed on each phase.