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"I researched every make I could find comparing technical spec, build quality and price. Whilst the immerSUN was the most expensive and some of the others were very tempting on price, none came anywhere near the spec, expand-ability and future proof design of this product, In the end this made it easy to choose the immerSUN. It is excellent quality and was very easy to install. It was also brilliant to be able to purchase a top quality item that was designed and built in the UK. All the best for the future."
' - Just a few reasons why I chose the immerSUN

'Excellent product from a thoroughly professional company.
Service level has been first class.
Product does exactly what is expected and the savings in electricity and gas costs are substantial.
I have not had to use my central heating system to heat my water from April until the 2nd week of November.' -

'It's great to have several reasons to recommend a device like the ImmerSUN. First of all, it is manufactured in the UK (hurrah!) not China; secondly, it has been conceived and designed by a Lincolnshire team committed to renewable technology; and last - but not least - it really works!

Several months in and I can't believe how effective this product is at diverting all of that excess solar electricity generation straight into your immersion heater, or other heating circuits if you have them. Forget solar thermal and all the associated costs, this magic little box will help keep your water piping hot for most of the year, saving you a fortune in energy bills and - importantly - reducing your carbon footprint. One day, all houses will be equipped with devices like these. If you have solar panels and an immersion heater, then make sure you get an ImmerSUN - and enjoy watching the savings add up. ' - Andy Dukes, Caistor

'Certainly getting value out of my Mark 1 model; haven't had the boiler on for two weeks now!' - Graham Tapper

'My unit was installed at the same time that my 3.64kW PV system was commissioned. After installing a 210 litre Dimplex cylinder for the heat pump, hot water was provided solely by the immerSUN from May 13 last year, right up until September 13. It is currently performing the same service this year.

After 17 months the unit has transferred over 1.1 MW of power that would otherwise have been exported to the grid. A fantastic result by any standard.

Well done 4eco.' - Paul Haussauer

'The Immersun unit at the Crossway Passivhaus has clocked up 2,689kWh over 326 days. Looks like we might break 3mW when we meet the year mark which is fantastic ! Let's do the maths; Good Energy's Economy 7 day rate (the one relevant to us) is 16.63p/kWh so that would have cost £447 (not that we'd have used daytime grid electricity to heat our heat store). It's reduced our winter wood pellet consumption by approximately 500kg which equates to about £120 saving in wood pellets i.e. 1/3 of our usual annual pellet consumption. Genius - keep up the great work guys. Hope you enjoy the stats!' -

'I'm absolutely delighted with the Immersun, it is the ideal partner to our solar panels to help us use the spare electricity generated. We have piping hot water in the evening, saving our oil boiler the job of heating it!' - Julian at the garden impressionists

'We've had 365kWh of free hot water from ours since it was installed about a year ago. During last summer, we only had the boiler on 5 times in three months. Saved us a packet. ' - Graham Tapper

'Without the ImmerSUN, Good Energy's Economy 7 day rate would have cost £447, and it's reduced our winter wood pellet consumption by about £120. Genius - keep up the great work guys.' - ‘Richard Hawkes at the Crossway Passivhaus’

'I fitted my immerSUN recently and not only is it very easy to wire, with the excellent instructions walking me through the process having converted the immersion heater supply to a dedicated supply, it was simple to set up as well. ' - ‘Noel Fay’ – an Immersun Man