IMMERSUN has saved all of its homeowners a total of £74.2 Million and reduced global CO2 Emissions by 140,000 Tonnes.
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Inspect And Repair

What is inspect and repair

Inspect and repair is our service to make your immerSUN last forever and help with any unexpected problems that your immerSUN may throw at you. While in our 12 month warenty this service is free including transit however outside of this service £149 for the entire inspect and repair process including us collecting, repairing and returning the product, no matter the issues with it.

Covered Damage

Damage Type Covered
Incorrect installing

Outside Of Warranty

While it is not free, if your product is outside of out 12 month warranty we are able to first off try and diagnose your technical problem over the phone with our technical support and help you fix it. If we cannot resolve the issue over the phone we will have to book an inspect and repair for £149 through one of our existing payment options, klarna, card or paypal. This will include the same things as a product covered by warrenty, this being transport, inspection and repairing and return too you.